Friday, November 21, 2008


In heraldry, the star is the ensign of knightly rank, and every order of knighthood incorporates this symbol in some way. It has traditionally been used as a mark of cadency for the third son.A number of stars in a row can indicate a scale of varying quality, the more stars the higher the quality.In heraldry, a mullet is a star with five or less commonly six points. A star with wavy rather than straight rays is called an estoile.In Christian art St. Bruno bears a star on his breast; Saint Dominic, Saint Humbert and Saint Peter of Alcantara have a star on their head or forehead. The star with six (or less commonly five) points is associated with law and order in the United States, and forms the basis of the sheriff's badge.

This Symbol shows self-expression because it very interesting & intriguing. It's a very special symbol and shows good effort in anything.

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