Friday, November 21, 2008

short story

Esperanza Rising tells the growing-up story of the young and spoiled Mexican girl, Esperanza Ortega. She happily lives on her wealthy family's estate in the Mexican state of Aguascalientes, surrounded by fancy dresses and servants. But due to family jealousy, her father is murdered, her home is burned to the ground and she and her mother have two options: her mother marries Esperanza's devious uncle, Tío Luis and Esperanza gets sent to a boarding school in another city, or they escape to the United States. They choose to flee to California to live as migrant workers on a labour camp. Here Esperanza has a difficult time confronting the reality that she is no longer rich, and has a hard time adjusting to the difficult work in the camps.

Esperanza Rising shows self expression because it tells her life. Another reason is she talked about a rose and said their is no rose without thorn.That meant there is no life without mistakes.

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